Institute for the development of probiotic food products
A knowledge-based institution

We have the mission of facilitating the conception of performing probiotic food products by means of communicating state of the art knowledge related to probiotics. 

Integrity and the search for excellence are our main values. Thus, these values are those that we appreciate the most in the "Reliable Probiotics Team" members. 

At the IDPF, we are convinced that as scientific research discloses the most intimate interactions between the gastrointestinal microbiota and human beings, probiotics will have more specific and more effective applications. Therefore, those probiotic food products not having a clear health function or claiming effects imperceptible to consumers will not find a place in the market. Consequently, only those companies willing to understand the scientific basis and the right use of probiotics will be able to profit from this expanding market segment that becomes progressively specialized. 

We base our strengths on knowledge; that huge knowledge resulting from the conjunction of our understanding and that of the "Reliable Probiotics Team" members who bring their know-how adapted to different cultures and regions of the world.

We keep the promise that our publications are original and reliable and that our services are supported by the latest advances in science and technology and that they are absolutely confidential.