The use of microbial plant biostimulants (MPB) has been proposed as a tool to maximise crop yields and as an unavoidable approach to attain sustainable agricultural practices. However, poor comprehension of the rationale behind the application of these microbial cultures by certain manufacturers or final users has occasionally resulted in performances below expectations. This work identifies some of the critical aspects conducting to the production and application of a performing plant growth promoter based on the use of suitable microbial cultures. Recognition of the relevant features is exemplified through the analysis of the process and application of a commercial MPB with substantiated biostimulation effect.

Keywords: rhizobacteria, PGPR, biofertilizer, phytomicrobiome, inoculants. 

ISSN 1929-2503

Official publication of the
Institute for the development of probiotic food products

Critical aspects in the conception and production of microbial plant biostimulants

Martin Macouzet
Institute for the development of probiotic food products, Quebec, Canada

Article first published online 12 July 2016

Probiotic Intelligentsia
Volume 1, Number 1
pages 1-12