Interest in the intimate and vital relationship that we maintain with microbial organisms living in our digestive system grows as science advances and emphasizes our dependency on the so-called gut microbiota. The consumption of probiotics in our diet has proven effective as means of shaping and maintaining the population of the gut microbiota according to consumer lifestyle or health needs. Consumer interest in probiotics has opened a huge market opportunity for the food industry, which promptly responded by supplementing processed foods with probiotics as a marketing strategy. However, inexperience and poor judgment have resulted in numerous costly mistakes proving that probiotics cannot be used or marketed like other food ingredients. The living nature and various health effects of probiotics require special consideration in food product development. Only by understanding their implications in each stage of the development process will it be possible to launch successful products. This article outlines crucial points that should be understood before attempting the development and marketing of any food product containing probiotics. These points will be examined in greater depth in upcoming articles.

Key words: probiotic foods; food product development; positioning; health claims; consumer awareness. 

ISSN 1929-2503

Official publication of the
Institute for the development of probiotic food products

Critical aspects of developing novel food products with probiotics

Martin Macouzet
Institute for the development of probiotic food products, Quebec, Canada

Article first published online 01 May 2012

Probiotic Intelligentsia
Volume 1, Number 1
pages 1-12
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