Institute for the development of probiotic food products
Message from our directeur
Dear colleague,

         Thank you for your interest in the IDPF. By reading these words, you are showing the desire to achieve a knowledge-based success; an effort that is already positioning you one step ahead of your competitors.

        You came to the right place, because we share that wish for knowledge and we are in the search for excellence too. I invite you to look through our website to discover the nature of our publications  our services and our programs. Please do not hesitate to leave us a message in the contact section to let us know your impressions.

        I hope this will be the beginning of a long relationship and that you will become a member of the Consumer Reliance Program so that we can shape together the future of probiotics and their use in food products.

       I wish you success in your future endeavours.


       M. Macouzet

I will be glad to serve you personally.

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Quebec Microbiologists' Association