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Services that support your projets

Concept exploration
You have an idea, but you are not sure if it is worth to invest resources on it or you just don’t have time to explore it? 
If you are willing to eventually do it, you will get nowhere. Do not let it down! Take action now! It could be a great success. 
We can do a preliminary concept analysis. This study might give you different options and would show you the technical and market panorama, allowing you to estimate the scope of your idea. 

Interpretation of results 
Did you make surprising observations? Are you afraid that certain remarks in your products could have consequences? Have you harvested interesting research data? Have you spent precious time and money but the resulting figures are meaningless to you? Then, we can help you get to the useful side of your results. We can analyse your observations together to help you get to the facts.

If you don’t know what to do next or if things are getting complicated with your research just relax; we can lead you in the appropriate procedures and we would let you know who from our affiliate members could provide you with the products or services that you need to carry out your project.

Problem solving 
Eventual problems related to probiotic viability or functionality and to food stability or contamination are common and practically unavoidable. You can take advantage of our experience to identify the origin of the problem. We would then suggest you possible solutions. If you feel you need help to carry out the solution, we would put you in touch with an affiliate member who could provide you with the required service.

Research proposals
Applying for a grant; asking for funds to the board of directors; getting a client or just to confirm that your research strategy is right, are all good reasons to ask an experienced professional in the field to review your research proposal. We would be glad to give you our opinion and to let you know how you could improve it.

•Writing and revision of scientific papers, divulgation articles and technical documents
Scientific papers
Misuse of technical English, inaccurate descriptions in the methodology section and incomplete discussions are common causes of manuscript rejection by journal editors, even if the research quality is good. We can polish your articles to maximize your chances to get them accepted for publication in the journal of your preference. If you prefer not to get into the hurdles of article writing, just submit us all the relevant information and we will write the article for you. 

General public articles 
The breadth and depth of the subject, clarity of the information and language level should be adapted to the target reader. Whether it is intended to the general public, to children or to food retailers we can write the articles that you need. This service is very appreciated by magazine editors, by governmental agencies, as well as by companies that recognize the importance of informing and educating consumers.

Technical documents
Ask us for the writing of your technical documents in English, French or Spanish to ensure that your clients receive the right information.

Books or book chapters
Would you like to be regarded as the leader in your field? Then the publication of a book or a chapter of a book is an interesting option to show your attributes. With our help it is easier than you think. 

No task is too big or too little for us. We analyse all requests with the same enthusiasm and respect. 

Do not hesitate to submit your inquiry in the dialogue box. We will get back to you soon.  

Pricing of services is determined case by case and depends on the complexity and extension of the work. 

Please, submit your requests with enough anticipation to ensure that you will be served on time.